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CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curling Iron

Jenny DeSimone (jdesimone12)


This device is supposed to curl your hair. It is supposed to heat up fast so you can use it right away. It is also
supposed to curl your hair without making it frizzy or poofy. The main purpose is to get better curly hair due in less time.


The curling iron contains a lot of energy that you don't even realize. The heated metal on the bar part of the curling iron contain ions that help control your hair. Certain curling irons have positive and negative ions to create a less frizzy hair due. However, with all of those ions it causes the hair to become a bit overwhelmed and it gets poofy. The CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curing Iron only contains negative ions so the hair is more naturally curly and moist, not as poofy, and still not frizzy.


This curling iron very simple. It has an on and off switch that you can use when you are about to use it or when you are done using it. There also is a temperature control on the handle that you can adjust to whatever you would like. The handle of the curling iron also has a light on it. The light is supposed to indicate when the curling iron is ready to be used. If the light is blinking that means it is still heating up, if it is a bright steady light it means the curling iron is ready to be used.


The curling iron has a few different parts on its body. Mainly there are two sections. The top part is the barrel. The barrel is made of ceramic material, but people usually think its metal. This the part that gets extremely hot, so you don't want to touch it. The ceramic material is perfect for a curling iron because it is like a mixture between glass and metal. It heats up and cools down fast. It is a big conductor. Ceramic material is also completely natural so it is not hurting your hair. Other types of curling irons often use tourmaline, teflon, metal, or even titianium to make this part of the curling iron. The second half of the curling iron is meant for your hands. This is where you can hold it while your curling your hair. Because it's made of a plastic like material it won't burn you (plastic is bad conductor of heat). Sometimes this part of the curling iron is made of rubber which another bad conductor of heat. This half also contains the ON/OFF switch and the Temperature Settings. Lastly, there is a clamp the you open and close when you are ready to curl a new piece. It holds the hair in place. This is located in the middle of the curling iron. There also is the cord on the end of the curling iron. This is the only reason is works. When it is plugged into the wall it gives the curling iron electrical power to turn on.


I think that the curling iron is a great example of science. The part of the curling iron that is made of ceramic material contains tons of ions. An ion is an atom or a group of atoms with electric charge, if you didn't know. When the curling iron is plugged in and turned on the electrical charge gives the curling iron heat which can turn the ions negative or positive depending on if the curling iron lost or gained electrons. The curling iron gets its energy from the heat. The barrel made of ceramic material is a big conductor in this product because that is where most of the ions are transfered. Energy is transfered by electrical charges. The reason i think a curling iron is a piece of science because it is the only way it works. It needs, the heat, the electrical charge, the ions, the conductor, and those are all scientific terms. So we do use science everyday in our lives without noticing it.


The CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Spring Curling Iron is a simple look. It looks like any normal curling iron. If you don't know what any normal curling iron looks like it is in some what of a cylinder shape. It is has a similar shape to a pencil, except it is much bigger. It is still small enough to wrap your hand around the bottom though. Sometimes they come in different colors, but this one is mainly found in gold and black. The top, barrel part of the curling iron is made of ceramic material, which looks like metal but its a lot smoother. That part of the curling iron is usually in a gold color. The bottom half, where you keep your hand, is made of a black plastic or rubber depending on the specific curling iron. This is a very elegant looking curling iron. You can check it out on the bottom of the page.


Obviously over time curling irons have evolved into better products. Not every one in the past has a temperature meter like this one does. The CHI Turbo Digital Ceramic Curling Iron also has a nice spring on the handle so it will be easier to open it up and less painful on your head. Previous curling irons were made of metal not ceramic material so it wasn't as nice to hair. A lot of times the metal damaged it. Someday there will probably a high-tech curling iron that will turn off automatically. There already is a straightener that does that so it won't be long before they design a curling iron that can do the same. That is how curling irons have evolved over time.

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I don't really think there are any competitors for a curling iron. It is basically the only thing that is used to curl your hair. Some straighteners can be used to curl hair if you want, but that is not their main purpose. Also there are a few shampoos and cremes to put in your hair that could help curl it up but they are not as successful as a curling iron.


The curling iron invention is a pretty independent device. All it needs to work is to be plugged into an outlet and for the on button the be pressed. There are certain things that can help get a better curly hair to go along with curling iron though. For instance, special types of hair dryers can help reduce poofiness and add volume. Also there are shampoos and cremes to put in your hair to help the curl stay in longer.


The curling iron has an infinite amount of similar devices. Some like hair dryers and straighteners are very similar because they are used to fix and style hair as well. They are also devices getting their power from an electrical outlet. Some other devices the curling iron is related to is an iron, a toaster, a tv, a phone charger and many more. Basically anything that has to be plugged in to an outlet to work. Even though, these devices are used for different purposes they are still related to the curling iron.
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