This site will house the work of Upper Merion Area High School students taking the ninth grade Science and Technology course. It seeks to be a focused, comprehensive resource that provides a web of information and links that tie together the many forms of information technology.

Our challenge will be to provide a resource that is...
  • as enlightening as, but more direct and less commercial; source
  • as interconnected as Wikipedia, but more limited to Science and Technology;
  • as interesting as The Way Things Work, but in our own style and updated for today's technology;
  • our own contribution to the pursuit of understanding, not a rip-off of others' hard work!

We will be successful if the site becomes a destination for students (of all ages!) seeking to understand the information technology that permeates our modern lives. CoxTour2.jpg Just for fun, check out this video comparing an online reference with "Joe's Non-Netbook"!

Wikipedia offers a list of "Pillars", that support their work. We will be seeking to develop a comparable statement that will incorporate our own values (such as the Viking Way) and our own goals (such as PA Science and Technology Standards).