The UMInfoTech wikispace features more than 100 devices, each on their own page. That much information is hard to navigate! The Tech Mystery Tours page gives you a choice of several tour guides who will lead you on an interesting journey through the wikispace. Each tour guide has left their logo on a series of pages. When you click on their logo, you can follow their tour and see what they thought was interesting. Your Tour Guides are listed below! Hope you enjoy your tour through our wikispace!

Mr. Cox's Tour for Teachers:

CoxTour1.jpgThis tour will take you through the pages that would help a teacher understand what we did with this project! It has seven stops on the tour, and returns back to this page when completed! Click on my LightBulb Logo to start the tour!
First Stop: Airbag

Lmccaughey12's Tour for Viewers:
This tour will take you through parts of the index. It will lead you through devices including audio devices, video devices, and touch sensitive devices. I chose devices that I thought were interesting and worth reading more about. The stops on this tour include unique devices, such as the airbag, and elevator. It also thakes you through new devices people may not know about, such as the Wii remote, and even the iPod click wheel. Click on my star symbol to start the tour!! There are 9 stops on this tour! Enjoy!! :D

Lsiegel12's Tour For Viewers:
My tour will show you every aspect of an entertainment system. A lot of science goes into every small part of a f
First stop...the Television!
ull home entertainment system, so my tour will show you behind the scenes how each part works! Click on the TV to start the tour!

Jreck12's Tour For Viewers:
Think you know how randomly connected technology is? Guess how a blender is related to a cell phone.randomlogo.JPG

2)Air plane Propeller
4) Radio
5)Cell phones
Blades in a blender spin very fast and create a vortex to mix the blender's contents together. A blade on an airplane propeller spins causing lift and flight. Consequentially, you can hear a propeller when it spins. Sound is molecules constantly moving other molecules in a domino-like manner until the molecules in your ear vibrate against your ear drum. Headphones use electromagnets to move the molecules to make sound waves. Headphones are basically mini speakers that you put in your ear and operate on the same scientific principal, electromagnetism. Radios need speakers and electromagnets for the information on Radio Waves to be heard. Radio Waves transmit information from satellites and other devices, to cell phones.

Tperez12's Tour For Viewers:
Hey! Want to experience the world of Technology in an exciting and informative way? Well, come hop on board and take a tour to see and learn about some amazing devices. There will only be 10 stops so enjoy this while it lasts! X3 So, are you ready? Let's Go!! [Click on the tour guide to begin your tour! Thank you and have a nice day! =D]

First Stop: IPod Click Wheel

Bdudas12's Tour For Viewers:
This tour will lead you to eight of the best devices. It will be special and fun!!! Enjoy (: Start on the pink heart below.
First Stop: Anti-Shoplifting Device!!!

Aadamkiewicz12's Tour for Viewers:
My tour will show you the top ten most used devices in UM, in school or at home. Click on the UM to start the tour!


Atassoni12's Tour of Audio Evolution:
This tour will take you through the evolution of audio-listening devices through the years. Click the picture below to follow this tour!

Ayi12's tour for Viewers:
Have you ever wondered how some things that are used in everyday life, work? Well here is your opportunity. Have you ever wondered how your plasma screen t.v. functions? Your Ipod? How about the GPS? Or even an Anti-shoplifting device? Are you ready to experience an incredibly easy way, to learn how these devices work? Well all of these will be answered on this tour, come visit by clicking on the tour guide below! Thanks and have a great time learning!

First Stop: Plasma Screen TV

Mlindsay12's Tour of Things That Fly:
Have you ever wanted to know how things can fly, and nearly escape the Earth's mundane gravitational pull? Well I'll take you on a tour of devices that do exactly that! XD Please click the chibi below to begin!