Smart Board




This is an interactive white board which you can write on, and use your computer. You can surf the web, then circle
or underline a part that you like with one of the four ink-less pens.


A smart board takes in electrical energy and sends back out electrical energy, to the computer, or any object you plug into the smart board.


A smart board works when you drag an object over the screen. The board senses any type of movement that touches the screen. The pen works when you take the marker out of the tray. There is a light sensor where the marker lays in the tray that when it senses light it, makes that color marker work.


A smartboard is made of computer chips that are connected to a 10x15 foot touch screen. The backside is incased in plastic to protect all of the chips and other parts that make it work. The skin is made of ( , the board is a flexible thin plastic fron sheet but it's really a hard plastic that covers it .


The science to a smartboard is like a tv screen, with one difference. The difference is that it is a touchscreen so you can plug it into the computer, which has all of the memory and sound components, and use it as a giant computer screen.


A smartboard will look like a regular white board, but it has a tray at the bottom that holds four inkless pens and a dry eraser.


Smartboards have introduced a new type of teaching to the classroom and work environments. You can go onto the Internet and highlight anything that appears on the screen. Students can see what the teacher can see except on a larger screen. This allows the teachers to work on the smartboard and the students to not have to use the traditional computer screen and keyboard.

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Since this is a new technology, there is little to no competition from other manufacturers or competitors.


Any type of computer or projector can partner with the smartboard.


An //Iphone//, //Ipod Touch//, and //Tablet// use the same touch screen technology.

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