Outlined Content

I gave clear, precise, accurate, and relevant answers to questions about my device's:
  • Purpose
  • Energy
  • Controls/Sensors
  • Materials
  • Science
  • Design
  • Evolution
  • Related devices.


  • Initiated: I initiated discussions on other wikispace pages.
  • Engaged: I engaged in discussions on my wikispace page.
  • Feedback: I used feedback from others to refine my page.


  • Wikilinks: I made wikilinks to other related devices.
  • Navigation: I contributed ideas to navigation pages.
  • Links: I made external links to reliable and relevant resources.


  • Integration: I integrated content found in multiple resources.
  • Surprise: I offered details that would be unexpected to the average person.
  • Suggestions: I provided suggestions for future improvements on my page.


  • Images: I used original art, animations or photographs.
  • Effectiveness: My image(s) help the user understand my device better.
  • Uniqueness: My image(s) offered a unique, personal perspective on my device.


  • Structure: My page demonstrated control of sentence structures and punctuation.
  • Words: My page demonstrated control of spelling and word choice.
  • Format: My page demonstrated control of page formatting.


  • Early: I posted work early enough to influence the work of others.
  • On-Time: I completed my work on time.
  • Diligence: I made effective use of the time provided. CoxTour6.jpg