There are many electronic devices used in the kitchen, many of which are used every day. Wondering how each device works?

Devices used in the kitchen:
A Blender is used to purify, liquify and chop up foods. It uses a motor in its base to turn sharp blades that chop up food as well as create a vacuum that mixes the food.
Ice Dispenser
An Ice Dispenser is used to dispense chopped or cubed ice, usually from a refrigerator (see below).blender_wikispace_project_041.JPG
Infrawave Oven
infrawave ovens transform electricity into infrared radiation in order to heat and cook food.
Microwave Oven
A Microwave Oven is a "mini oven" used to cook food quickly. It turns energy into microwave radiation through the cavity magnitron, a magnetic field. The microwaves heat the water molecules in the food, which causes them to move about the cooking chamber. This motion causes friction, which in turn causes heat to cook the food. This page has great information.
A Refrigerator is used to keep food cold. It uses the evaporation of liquids to absorb heat with refrigerants.
Toasters heat food with infrared radiation.
Electric Oven