iPod Mini karanpatel3 Mini_chip.jpg iPod Mini Specs

IPod Nano


What is the fundamental purpose of the device?
listening to music portable and listen to it with your I-home.


What energy transformations are seen in its operation?
Electrical, and battery powered. Being electrically powered by a battery, the juices in the battery travel through wires and are connected to a plug input and from the input the juices travel to the chip that generates power for the i Pod to turn on/off.


What sensors/controls are designed into the device?
The click wheel has two ways to move around in the i Pod. One is by sliding your finger around the wheel and the second is by pressing the buttons on the click wheel known as Menu, Back, Forward, Play/Pause, and the center click button. There are certain types of things that can be used to use the sliding on the clicker: a finger, an orange, and an apple. Basically something that has a texture like feel like a finger or and orange.


What material(s) are essential to the device?
The materials that are essential for an i Pod Mini are a microchip, screen, and battery.
A microchip is a small electronic unit that is made up of silicon and it is a integrated circuit. It has silver-colored wires that connect the integrated circuit to the pins of the package. The window that is on the microchip allows memory contents of the chip to be erased by the strong ultraviolet light in an eraser device. The silicon of the chip, coupled with wires and transistor devices make for a highly conducive environment for transferring electricity.


What is scientific principle is central to its operation?
Turn on the i Pod and choose what you would want to do with the options given to you. Such as listen to music, play a game, check the time, etc. When you turn it on the screen will show you the options.


What does a typical device look like?
It looks like a rectangle with curved sides and it is about 3.6 oz., and it is 3.6" x 2" x .50".


What changes have there been (or could there be) in this device?
There are new i Pods. There is the i Pod touch, the New i Pod Nano, and the i Pod video. They are better looking, more memory, less weight, more features, and they show up in color now.

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What other devices serve a similar purpose?
The Zune, Sony, Phillips, Sansa, Samsung, Gateway, Dell, and etc.


What other devices work in conjunction with this device?
The computer, iTunes, headphones, speakers, USB cord, and adapters.


What other devices use the same scientific principle?
CD players, mp3 players, cassette player, cell phones with mp3 players, boombox