How Do I ...

Link to Other Pages?

Find the name of the page you want to link to. Type that page name into your page where you want the link. Highlight the page name, and choose Insert Link from the toolbar. Choose Wikilink, and you're done! (If it doesn't show the wikilink in green, that means that you didn't type the page name correctly.) You can also type two left brackets, followed by the page name, followed by two right brackets. This is what it will look like while you are editing: WikiLink.png

Upload an Image?

You cannot just Drag-And-Drop into a wikispace page! You must upload the image to wikispaces first! Drag your photo to the desktop, edit your wikispace page, put the cursor where you want to place the picture, click the Add Image icon, click Upload Image and then doubleclick to insert it. In the Visual Editor mode, you can then change the alignment and size of the image! Give your picture a good name! Some of my students discovered that someone else was "stealing their picture" and the accused thief discovered that his picture was missing! To learn what happened click on the Picture_1.png Mystery.