Hair Straightener

Joy Howard

Flat_Iron_ON.jpg Light is on which means the strightener is on Flat_Iron_OFF.jpgLight is off which means the censor turned the straightener off without me turning it off.


What is the fundamental purpose of the device?

A hair iron is an very important tool to women and some men. It is used to change how your hair looks by using heat. The main purpose for a hair straightener is to make your hair look better. The heat lays your hair down making it straighter. It also makes you feel better because it makes your hair look better which boosts your confidence. Majority of people have naturally curly hair and need/want their hair to be straighter or just want it to be straight.


What energy transformations are seen in its operation?

Some energy transformations is that when the you plug the cord into the outlet and turn the straightener on, the energy from the outlet goes into the wires that is in the cord and heats the straightener. Turning the heat up on the straightener would make the electrons move faster and turning the heat down on the straightener would make the electrons move slower. Some straighteners use water to create steam, and then the steam would press and relax your hair instead of using heat.


What sensors/controls are designed into the device?

The controls are the buttons that make the straighteners heat go up and down, or the buttons that turn it on and off. Some even have controls that others don’t have like the new hair straighteners have steam buttons that you can push so that it can blow out a little steam (which relaxes your hair down). Also at the end of the straightener there's a light. The light is supposed to indicate when the staightener is ready to be used. If the light is blinking that means it is still heating up, if it is a bright steady light it means the straightener is ready to be used. Some straighteners have censored lights. When the hair straightener is not being used in a certain amount of time it will shut off automatically.


What material(s) are essential to the device?

There are mainly two parts of an hair straightener that is used. The out side part of the hair straightener is to protect your hands from the metal part of the straightener. On one side of each tong there is a metal layer, that is the layer that gets heated and is supposed to press your hair. The heating plates are made up of ceramic material, but people usually think its metal. The second half contains the ON/OFF switch and the Temperature Settings. It is also the place your hands can be placed without burning your them. You can also control the straightener to do exactly what you want it to. The part where you place your hand has a layer of rubber like material that won't burn you because it can resist the heat.

What's Inside

Photo_83.jpgThe conducting layers of the circuit board is made of thin copper foil.
Photo_98.jpgThe plate is usually made out of aluminum with a ceramic coating
Photo_120.jpgThe wire is 80% nickel and 20% chromium because it has to resist the heat so it doesn't melt so the hair straightener doesn't break
Photo_92.jpgThis was some kind of rope covered with a strong waxy material to protect the wire


What is scientific principle is central to its operation?
The hair straightener can show a great way of science because the ceramic material contains lots of ions. Ion is an group of atoms that contains electric charge. As soon as the straightener gets turned on the electrical charge can turn the ions negative or positive. The ceramic plates are where your hair gets straitened. It is like a big conductor because that is where most of the ions are transfered.


What does a typical device look like?

An normal hair straightener looks like tongs. There are many different features to various hair straighteners but for the most part they all have the same shape and that shape is tongs.


What changes have there been (or could there be) in this device?

There has been many changes to hair straighteners over the years. Like the controls. Some dont have the ON/OFF switch. Some dont even have a way to adjust the heat. Others dont even use the heating method. Right now the most commonly used hair straightener is by using heat, but later on in life I think we will be using steam instead because it wont damage/burn our hair as much. Maybe there will even be a better way so we don't hair to use heat that could burn our hair, or use steam and waste water.

Related Devices


What other devices serve a similar purpose?
Their aren't many things that competes with a hair straightener. The on really thing is a straightening comb. It looks like a comb on it is metal and you put it on a hot plate to heat it up. Also some curling irons can be used to straighten your hair but thats only if you dont twist the handle to make a curl. You can also get your hair Japanese straightening, if you go to a salon they do it for you and all it does is perminitly straighten your hair until it grows out


What other devices work in conjunction with this device?
There aren't really anything the hair straightener needs to help it do it's job. Every hair straightner has a plug at the end of it so as long as you have that and an outlet your fine.


What other devices use the same scientific principle?
There are many devices that use the same principle as an hair straightener. Like an, toaster, microwave, oven, stove, curling iron, hair dryer, a waffle iron and more. All of these items use outlets t charge them.
Curling Iron
Hair Dryer

In relation to the straightener, we'll visit its best friend, the curling iron!