FM Radio

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The FM radio is a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves. You can listen to music, interviews, news, and other things on different stations.


Every wireless technology you can imagine has its own little band! For example, an Fm Radio has its own band which is a VHF (very high frequency). The VHF tower that transmits or sends information out is sent up to the Ionosphere where it can bounce back down (it does this because of the Ionic charge and dense magnetic field) to be received through your antenna as long as your within a certain distance to that FM VHF transmitter..


What sensors/controls are designed into the device?
Automatic gain control (AGC) and Automatic frequency control (AFC


What material(s) are essential to the device?

- FM Tuner Assembly - Capacitor (3 of each electronic and cermic)
radioman-27xx-b-1.jpg capacitor-mixture-tantalum-electrolytic-and-ceramic-false-colour-DHD.jpg
- 4 Resistors
- 2 Transistors
- FM antenna wire


What is scientific principle is central to its operation?

Central to its operation is the detection of radio (electromagnetic) waves of a certain small range of frequency. For this an antenna or aerial is used. The slight differences in the frequency must also be detected. These differences are taken for comparison with the average in order to produce an output which is the signal needing to be amplified and modified for transmission as a sound-wave.


There are many different designs of radios, for example most of them look like a small portable rectangle, like the modern one below.



As you can see,picture 1 is a picture of an Old Fashioned Radio, the radio back then, was much bigger than the radio we use now. It had a lot of buttons and it was made of wood. So it was pretty heavy to carry around. While if you look at the second picture, which is a picture of the modern pocket radio that you can carry around. It has no Antennas, nor many buttons. Its easy to use as well.

picture 1
picture 2

this is one of my favorites. Its a Ball Pen FM Auto Scan Radio!
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AM Radio


Am radios, Ham Radios, GPS receivers..

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