Electricity To Heat

Electric to Heat


Electric heating is very important in and commonly used, as well is a very simple process. Turning electricity into heat is a process where a type of electric energy is transferred into heat. This is seen in many appliances. An electric heater is a appliance that takes electricity and turns it into heat.

Process: The process of turning electricity into heat is simple. The appliance must contain an electric resistor which transfers the electric current into heat, and is transferred to another part of the object for use.

Appliances: Appliances that use the process of electricity to heat are very common. Things like electric radiators, hair straightners, blow dryers, etc. These objects are good because they do not use gas to create heat, saving fuel and expenses.
Hair Straightner <----- example

Advantages of Electric Heating: By using electric heating you contribute to eviromental protection. By not using gas (fossil feul) you do not add to the pollution of the environment. As well you don't have to pay the cost of gas. Another advantage are also that you can directly control the temperature of the heating appliance.

Disadvantages of Electric Heating: Using electric heating or appliances that use the process of electric to heat can be costly. The cost of electricity applies. Also the amount of useful appliances that transfer electricity to heat are more limited then gas run objects.