Devices Then and Now



Think About It

Through the years technology has changed quite a bit. Look back to when you were six. How did you listen to music? What video game system did you have? How did you watch movies? Now look at those same questions now. You probably get some pretty big differences in how the new technology works.

Movie Players

Blue Ray

Storage Device

Floppy Disk
Flash Memory Drive


CD PLayer
Phonograph Record Player

Video Game Controllers

Wii Remote
Playstation Controller

What is Different?

Look at the different pages and compare how each works. Then answer the following questions to see just how much technology has changed through the years!

1. Is there a change in the type of energy used? If so what type of energy is used in both and how are they different.

2. Has the design changed? What is the difference in the different designs and could it effect how the machine works?

3. What effects have the change of the machine had on the impact of society? How does it effect us, does it?

4. Compare the devices in the category. Which device is the most efficient (works the best). Which one is more commonly found? Who do the devices appeal to, who would be more likely to know what each device is? (children, teenagers grandparents?)


As technology grows it allows us to be capable of doing more. Take music for example; record players were large and bulky. The records were also rather large. Through the years CD's were invented and they were much smaller versions of records and they were easier to transport. After CD's came iPods, a device that contains all the music you need within itself rather than having something inserted into it. In a matter of years we have gone from bulky records that were hard to move, to iPods, devices you can stick in your pocket and walk around listening to your music without anyone really realizing. Technology advancements have been extremely helpful not only in listening to music but in many areas such as health fields, computerized technology, and many others.