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What is the fundamental purpose of the device?
  • Think about explaining this to an alien, or a time-traveller from the past. Get to the heart of the matter, the essence of the device. For example, the purpose of the Internet is to load files onto your computer that are stored on someone else's computer--that's it!


What energy transformations are seen in its operation?
  • "Transformation" means that one FORM is changed into another. What is the input energy (electrical, chemical?) and what is the output energy (kinetic? radiant?)? In other words, what kind of energy gets used up? and what kind of energy is produced?


What sensors/controls are designed into the device?


What material(s) are essential to the device?
  • This should not be a laundry list of parts. Choose a part that is part of the essence of the device, and explain qualities of the material that makes it work. I'm not interested in materials that could just as easily have been made of something else. For instance, does it really matter if the case is plastic or aluminum or cardboard? Usually not!


What is scientific principle is central to its operation?


What does a typical device look like?


What changes have there been (or could there be) in this device?

Related Devices

  • Look for others who are becoming experts in related areas. Leave them a discussion post or send them a message! Learn from each other!


What other devices serve a similar purpose?


What other devices work in conjunction with this device?


What other devices use the same scientific principle? CoxTour5.jpg