Welcome to Communication Devices!

Lets see. about 30 years ago do you know how people talked to each other? land phones or going out! isn't hard to believe people actually got up and walked and or drived to places to talk to one another. They didn't have texting or the Internet. There was cell phones but not may people had them. But sooner or later the world had evolved and it became more popular to what we now have in modern life.
Communication became very important to everyday people. talking, gossiping and or getting information quick, and our lives revolve around it. Many people made it easier and a more advance way for people to say in touch with others like texting, emailing, AOL instant messenger, MSN instant messenger, game systems, facebook, myspace, Internet, and cell phones.

List of Communication devices
All these devices link together because you can communicate to one another without being in the same room. Either playing a game or just wanting to talk. Every device has its own unique ways about them.
A regular cell phone is used to make and receive calls, texting, messaging ect.
I phones are very unique. They are touch screens.They have a built in Ipod, Cellphone, and basically a mini Computer in your hand.
The cell phone chocolate is one of the first slider cell phones. and it also has a Mp3 player built in. It does everything a normal cell phone would but in a different design
The touch screens are becoming very popular. They have screens but no buttons. They have sensors in the screens that are like buttons. They can do everything a normal cell phone would do just without the buttons!
Xbox 360 is one of the most popular game systems. Xbox came out with Xbox live which is a way to connect with other Xboxes. Xbox then thought of communicating with one another while playing a game. It is not a cell phone or phone because you cannot call or receive calls but you are able to talk to people. However, everyone else playing with you can also hear what you are saying.
A Bluetooth headset is a gadget that is a part of your cell phone. A hands-free way to talk on your phone. Its safe so when your driving your not holding a phone. Its a small ear piece that fits in and around your ear.