The Microwave Oven vs. Infrawave Oven



In today's market, the Microwave oven and the Infrawave oven have become big competitors. They perform the same task by using different strategies. Currently, most people don't know about the infrawave oven. It is a new device that has the same purpose as the microwave oven. Advertisers will need to influence buyers to keep buying the microwave oven instead of the infrawave oven if they want to keep up their business.

The Microwave Oven:
The microwave oven is sold in many stores, such as Target, Sears, etc. Ninety percent of American households today have a microwave oven. The microwave oven is a very popular device. Its ability to heat up and cook food efficiently and is a necessity in American kitchens. Not only does it provide a quicker way to cook food, it is cheap too. Even though the Infrawave Oven cooks food to the crisp, it is slower than the microwave. The Microwave oven cooks food a lot more quickly. The difference between the Microwave Oven and the Infrawave Oven is the difference in radiation. The Microwave Oven uses microwaves, and the Infrawave Oven uses Infrared. The Microwave Oven is also easier to use. It can cook smaller meals and snacks, rather than cooking a big meal in the Infrawave Oven.
The Microwave Oven's purpose is to cook food quickly and efficiently. It uses microwave radiation to heat the water molecules inside the food. This heats up and cooks the food. The control panel makes the job easy. Over all the Microwave Oven is a popular and easy device to use. Many Americans own a Microwave Oven.

For more information about the science behind the Microwave Oven, please visit this informative website.

The Infrawave Oven:
The infrawave oven is the newest edition to food-cooking technology. By using infrared heating technology it heats food faster than a standard oven, but cooks food more efficiently and at a better quality than a microwave oven.
Infrared heating technology uses infrawaves to heat the food instead of microwaves. The difference between infarwaves and microwaves is that infrawaves have a higher frequency, therefore serving a different purpose than a microwave. While a microwave heats food by sending microwaves into the food which heats the water molecules, the infrawave oven heats food by reflecting infrared into the food, and the food absorbing the infrared is what causes the food to heat. Because of this technology, the outside of the food gets crisp because the heat is absorbed into the outside first. Then the oven stops reflecting infrared in order to let the heat sink in to all of the food. This process continues until the food is cooked to the perfect consistency.
The control panel is a very unique feature on the infrawave oven. There are many specific settings to cook specific foods. Each button sends a certain signal to the filament inside the light bulb that converts electricity into infrared and visible light, cooking the food at the perfect speed and intensity to create the perfect texture.
Another unique feature of the infrawave oven is the ability to see the food while it's cooking without pressing a button. The filament inside the light bulb is what converts the electricity into the infrared and also a little bit of visible light, so every time infrared is reflected to cook the food, visible light is created as well, and the light bulb turns on.


For more information about the science behind and value of the infrawave oven please visit this informative website.