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Camera (Auto Focus)


The purpose of the Auto-Focus Camera is to be able to zoom in or get the picture you want. For example if you spot a ladybug on a window and you only want the ladybug you press halfway and it focuses on the object you want it to focus on. Then press all the way and you get your picture, it does this because the Auto-Focus helps you to be able to get a better picture.



You press the snap-shot button half way.


The Materials are Contrast Sensors or Phase Detections Methods.



Any Camera has an auto-focus but that also depends on the model you get. If you get an older version of a camera you may need to get another pair of lens to be able to get that "Auto-Focus" in your shot.


They might change the whole way the Auto Focus camera actually works. One example of how they might change it is they are probably gonna change the way you focus from instead of it being a worse picture if your too close that it might be a worse picture if your to far away from the object or objects.

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One of the competitors for the Auto Focus Camera is the normal digital camera.


The auto focus feature only makes up one little part of the camera there are still so many parts in making a camera then just the auto focus feature.


All Cameras that use this feature.

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