Blu-Ray Player

V. Fortino


The Blu-Ray player is made to take the information from the disc and send it to the TV through the wires. After the player does its job, the TV will play the movie that is in the blu-ray player.


The Blu-Ray player runs on basic electricity. When you plug it into the wall outlet, the electricity travels to the player and is used to power the player, light up the lights that tell you what is going on, and operates everything else that is inside of the player.


There are many different controls on the Blu-Ray player. They are the basic controls of play, pause, fast forward, rewind, stop and skip. Play is the control that plays the movie that you want to watch. Pause will stop the movie where it is and wait there until you hit play. Fast forward will let you go to the part of the movie that you want to watch by going through all frames. Rewind will let you go back to the part of the movie that you want to watch again frame by frame. Skip will let you move to the scene in the movie that you want to watch going scene by scene. You can go forwards or backwards with skip. Last but not least, Stop will let you just finish the movie right where you are and bring you back to the main menu of the player. Then theres the remote. The remote will let you use all of the other controls from where you are.


The materials for the Blu-Ray Player are fairly simple. You have to have the main station or the Blu-ray player. You need the disc/DVD for it to be able to send the information to the television. The disc has all of the information that is needed for the blu-ray player to send. You also need the wires that transmits the information to the television. Finally yo need a power source, probably plugged into the wall outlet closest to the television.


The science to the player is to play movies without having skips and having a clear screen as you are watching it.


This device looks like a normal sized 3-D rectangle that says Blu-Ray Player on the front. There are a couple of buttons of controls on it and a slot for the DVD to get put in.


Right now, there are no changes that could be done to make this device better. It is at its highest technology and is virtually perfect. There were many changes that were made to make it what it is today. The player was evolved from the normal DVD player and now has clearer picture and redesigned discs.

Related Devices


The only competitor that the Blu-Ray player has is normal DVD Players because the blu-ray player is an evolved DVD player. It has different discs and has clearer picture resolution.


The machines that work in conjunction with this device are DVD's and TV's. The disc is what the information that the player sends to the TV. The TV is what collects the information from the player and plays the movie on the screen.


The Blu-Ray player is a DVD player that is more advanced than other players. The blu-ray player has special CD's that are not able to be played on normal DVD players. Blu-ray discs are made more compact so they can store up to 50GB memory. That is 5 times the storage of a normal DVD. The player is specially made to play blu-ray and normal DVD's. Therefore you don't have to get rid of your old discs. The old discs were able to play on the normal DVD player. Those discs were able to store up to 7GB of memory. Blu-ray discs hold about 7 times that.