by Cdo12

On this page, you can find the links to other home devices related to bath and laundry. These links will take you to pages that give you information on that device. This list is in alphabetical order.

  • Clothes dryer
    • Clothes dryers are used to dry clothes in a fast and easy way.
  • Curling iron
    • Curling irons are used to curl hair that prevents from frizzy or poofy hair using a heated rod.
  • FM Radio
    • FM radios are used to listen to the news and music by detecting the frequency of radio stations.
  • Hair dryer
    • Hair dryers are an electric device used to dry hair fast.
  • Hair straightener
    • Hair straighteners use heat to make hair straight.
  • Toothbrush (electronic)
    • Electronic toothbrushes brush teeth easily and efficiently using electricity.
  • Washing machine
    • A washing machine is a machine that makes cleaning your laundry easier and requires less work