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An Overview

For many years now, we've been familiar with a quirky symbol that changed technology as we knew it. A funny partly bitten apple is pictured on many devices that we own or wish to own. The company responsible for this is the appropriately named Apple. Apple brought us the ipod, mac, and more recently, the iphone. What makes these devices so special? Why do we covet an ipod more than any other mp3 player? Everything from their sleek design and pop culture status has drawn people to take a closer look.

Apple Takes on the Environment

Apple has made many advances when it comes to todays most used technologies. The are even doing their part to help with the troubling environment. The newest edition to the apple store are their latest line of macbooks. Named "the world's greenest family of notebooks." The new features include a body made of recyclable aluminum, reduced chemicals, and even more compact packaging!

  • The aluminum is now replacing the older materials used, creating a more responsible use of resources
  • The reduced chemicals come into play when dealing with the LCD screen. Many people are unaware that many other computer screens contain harmful contents like arsenic and mercury.
  • Smaller packaging is reducing waste

Perhaps the most important characteristic is the more energy efficient battery. The new notebooks are designed to use less energy whenever they are inactive. All this and more are steps being taken to reduce the mac's overall impact on our planet. Apple's concern and fresh outlook on the future of device manufacturing is definitely one to be taken into consideration.

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