The Propeller Airplane



The most important part I would need to work an airplane propeller is called
the hub mountain face it is located behind the propellers also it is what connects the propeller to the airplane.

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The propeller airplane was designed by the Wright Brothers, and the first successful flight of the first propeller airplane was in 1903. The propeller airplane was, and still is, used to travel through the air, from point A to point B. It commonly can carry one or more persons, and can carry cargo, such as shipments or air mail. Although many people use it for official things, like transportation, others use it just to get in the air. Since propeller airplanes were one of the first types of airplanes, they came in many styles. Some had open cockpits, others had huge cabins. Some have to have landing gear, others can float on the water.


Propeller airplanes use engines, very similar to car engines, to turn the propeller at an extremely fast pace. These engines can either use aviation gasoline, or regular car gasoline, depending on the engine of course.


The main controls in the cockpit of a propeller airplane is essentially a huge joy-stick. Although it has many particular details, the essentials are, that when you pull it toward you, the nose points up, thus lifting the plain, and when you force it away from you, the nose of the plain points downward, thus lowering the plane.


Since it is such an old piece of technology, it can be made of materials such as wood or metal. The material that the plane and propeller doesn't really matter, just so long as the force of thrust overcomes the force of drag.

What is that part made out of ( what elements are they made out of)
The hub mountain face is made out of aluminum. Because aluminum is light and easier to carry. Since aluminum is light it would make the plane go up into the sky easier then a heavy metal such as steel would.
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The scientific principal of this is the propeller's efficiency, which can be measured using the following formula to the right. If this formula proves to be at about 80% then the propeller can be used, and has the ability to overcome the force of drag and gravity.


The propeller airplane is commonly recognized as about 8 feet tall, has a tail, a large propeller with about a 5 foot diameter, and commonly has two wings as support and to glide along the air so as not to just be a huge rock in the sky.


This device was one of the first airplanes, and has evolved excessively over the years. It first became more fuel efficient, then it became metal, then it branched off into almost all the planes you see in the sky today.

Related Devices


Airplanes and Helicopters both use a propeller in some form and have a similar, if not the same purpose as the propeller airplane.
Also, similar propellers are used in boats to make them move.


Engine, Propeller


Commonly boats use a similar property when it comes to the propeller.