Air Bag

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What is the fundamental purpose of the device?
To inflate itself at the right time to reduce the impact on the crash


What energy transformations are seen in its operation?
gas generator will rapidly inflate the air bag


What sensors/controls are designed into the device?
ann ACU is a specific type ECU witch is a monitor and in side the vehicle it has a number of sensors. those sensors are accelerometers, impact sensor, side door pressure sensors, wheel speed sensors, gyroscopes, brake pressure sensors and seat occupancy sensors.


What material(s) are essential to the device?
Nitrogen gas to inflate the airbag through the module cover is an essential material and of course the airbag


What is scientific principle is central to its operation?
A scientific principle is the sensors that trigger the gas flow on to the airbag.


What does a typical device look like?
When in inflated it looks like a big round white balloon.


What changes have there been (or could there be) in this device?
It changes from a deflated airbag inside the car to an inflated round bag that is out of the car and then it goes to the deflated stage again in few seconds once the gases are released out of the airbag.

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What other devices serve a similar purpose?
the seat belts serve a similar purpose by protecting the person.


What other devices work in conjunction with this device?
The seat belt works with the airbag to secure the person inside the car.


What other devices use the same scientific principle?
a telephone has an TCU witch is another control united like the one that the airbag has. An Accelerometer is used items we use every day like cell phones like the Blackberry Storm, Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Nano.

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