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AM RADIO RECEIVERS( Amplitude Modulation Receiver)
By Alex Yi


AM radio receivers are devices that are able to receive the information sent by AM radio transmitters. The early stages of Am radio receivers were used as military devices as a source of communication. Another use is usually something that everyone uses everyday to get informed on the weather as well as listening to music from the radio.


The type of energy that the AM radio receiver picks up are radio signals transmitted from the AM radio transmitter. The radio signals are actually called electromagentic waves. Electromagnetic waves are just electric and magnetic fields that a person cannot see without using a device that can pick up the motion of the radio waves. But now lets get into what the AM radio receiver is actually doing to receive these waves.


The possible controls in a AM radio is the ability to switch through channels that are being broadcasted. As well as the possiblity to change the volume. But the essentials are in the materials. The Antenna is a huge part of the whole function of the Am radio Receiver. Without the Antenna, the radio wont be able to pick up the radio signals, meaning that the radio wont work. So basically, the AM radio transmitters, send out waves for the AM radio receivers to modulate these signals.


In an AM radio receiver, the most important materials would be the antenna, the tuner, the diode, the amplifier, and lastly the speaker to project the sound that is coming from the station that your are tuning into. The most important by far would be the antenna. Without, the antenna the radio will not receive the radio signals as explained above.


Electromagnetism is the type of energy that is received from the AM radio Transmitters. Electromagnetism are just electric and magnetic fields that a person cannot see without the use of a device that can pick up the wave motion. Many devices use, receive, and or depend on electromagnetism to function. You can see a list of these devices at the bottom.


This is the normal basic crystal box radio set, one of the first radio sets ever created. Also this radio set can easily be made of materials inside your own house! But the first design ever created, was the tuned radio requency TRF variety.

This is a picture of the Basic crystal set. For an easier view of the picture instead of looking at this, click on the picture and it will take you to a link. This link shows how everything functions and comes together in the Basic crystal set.


Long time ago, the AM radio was just a basic way to communicate, listen to music, and etc. Now a days, the AM radio has improved. This means that the AM radio has significantly improved its signal that is being used. Evolutions that evolved from the AM radio i guess could be the different radios. Such as FM radio and the XM radio.

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FM Radio and XM Radio both play music and different kinds of things just like the AM radio. The difference is the updated technology and the way these radios receive the information thats being transmitted. Both of these different radios are much newer compared to the AM radio and can easily be underlooked compared to the FM and the XM radios.


AM Radio Transmitters are partners of the AM Radio Receivers because the AM radio transmitter is sending the information for the AM Radio to modulate the signal that is being sent out.


GPS Receivers use the same kind of energy. Both the AM receiver as well as GPS Receivers both receive electromagnetic waves.
Their are many other devices that use electromagnetic waves as listed above.